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Re: char to int conversion problem

From: Alessandro Brezzi
Subject: Re: char to int conversion problem
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 14:07:59 +0200

Hi David,

2007/4/30, David Bateman <address@hidden>:
I'm not quite sure I see what you mean. What is the "char_vector"
function? It exists neither in octave or matlab... If you meant


that doesn't work for me either without the patch I suggested.


Sorry, I've missed some things; I've an array whit statistic values, say:

Then in the main program loop I can sum values, depending on the char examined:
char_vector('a') = char_vector('a') + 1; % ++ operator does'n work with MatLab :-(

instead of:
char_vector(int8('a')) = char_vector(int8('a')) + 1

Sorry if I've used a bad array name.

Alessandro Brezzi

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