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octave for windows (Bateman)

From: Wolfgang Lindner
Subject: octave for windows (Bateman)
Date: 30 Apr 2007 13:00 GMT

Dear group,

David Bateman has compiled a genuine windows version of octave which seems to 
be a great
progress for all windows users, see, thank you David.

Testing this version using OS WindowsXPhome I have 2 questions:

1. the greeting screen appears in 'typewriter speed', so that I can watch it as 
if I
have written it by hand. So with my own inputs: there is a long delay before my 
appears on the GUI input line.
Is it possible that my resouces are too small?
Has anyone watched similar effects?

2. The GUI screen is black, the letters are written in white color.
Is it possible to invert the screen to write black letters on white screen?  

HTH   Wolfgang Lindner

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