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plotting issues and questions

From: mafunk
Subject: plotting issues and questions
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 20:23:07 -0600
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i am running octave 2.9.9. I wrote scripts which read in data, compute stuff and
plot. I need to be able to customize the plots quite a bit in terms of
linewidth, size, etc ... . I also would like to draw arrows on the graph.

I do not want open an X windows when plotting but simply plot to a file. Since
gset is going to be dumped (at least that's one warning i read) i use
__gnuplot_raw__, which, i believe, passes the command straight through to
gnuplot? However, I read that the __gnuplot_raw__ is for internal use only. So
how do i direct the output to a file without using __gnuplot_raw__/
__gnuplot_set__ and without having to open an X-window first and then saving the

Further, i would like to be able to take advantage of gnuplot's linestyles by
defining them and then using them. But i want to plot data i created in octave.
So for example, i have an vector 'a' which i want to plot. I tried:
__gnuplot_raw__ ('plot a');
but that did nothing. I guess my question is how i can pass a octave
container/vector to gnuplot to be plotted?

The other thing i tried was to use gplot. But that was a complete failure. The
first example in the docs:

gplot rand (100,1) with linespoints

threw a syntax error.

your help is greatly appreciated,

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