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Re: Octave on Condor

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Octave on Condor
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 14:33:42 -0400

On 19-Apr-2007, Si Hammond wrote:

| Various minor problems - the pic directory is not created etc. But  
| after getting over these, the octave binary will not link - there are  
| literally hundreds and hundreds of linker errors stating that  
| functions are not defined. I've tried adding various things to the  
| paths and altering it but same result.

Unless someone else here has encountered the same problems before and
has a guess, then I think you would have to post some details before
anyone else can help.

| I found this a bit weird as well, I've seen discussions on the Condor  
| mailing list - I think part of the reason is the code is absolutely  
| massive in places and I think they have varying levels of  
| documentation. Getting it all documented and converted to sutiable  
| coding styles etc will probably take a huge amount of time. I haven't  
| asked for the code - its bad enough configuring the binary let alone  
| the build script!

Lack of documentation, large unruly code, etc. all seem irrelevant to
whether the software is really free.  So is the Condor Public License
statement meaningful at all if the software is not distributed?


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