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Re: Octave on Condor

From: Si Hammond
Subject: Re: Octave on Condor
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 19:11:46 +0100

| My main question is - is it possible to compile Octave for Condor and
| if so how does one go about doing that? I've tried just sticking
| condor_compile gcc and g++ in CC and CXX etc. But this doesn't seem
| to work very well.

What happens?

Various minor problems - the pic directory is not created etc. But after getting over these, the octave binary will not link - there are literally hundreds and hundreds of linker errors stating that functions are not defined. I've tried adding various things to the paths and altering it but same result.

Is the problem something to do with Octave or is it a problem with
Condor?  Maybe someone on the Condor help list could be of more

I *think* its not really a Condor problem - my guess is that there are quite a number of complexities in compiling Octave for Condor since Octave is a pretty big compilation anyway thats even before you put it near Condor!

I have posted to Condor user list, awaiting response at the moment.

Also, I've always found it quite strange that Condor is apparently
distributed with some variant of a free software license (though not
GPL compatible):

but the source does not seem to be publicly available:

  At this time we do not distribute source code publicly, but instead
  consider requests on a case-by-case basis. If you need the source
  code, please e-mail us at ADDRESS explaining why, and we'll get back
  to you. v6.8/7_1Obtaining.html#SECTION00815000000000000000

So is it really free (libre) software?  Could someone get the sources
for Condor by asking (case by case basis) and then redistributed them
under the terms of the Condor Public License (wihout requiring further
specific permission)?

I found this a bit weird as well, I've seen discussions on the Condor mailing list - I think part of the reason is the code is absolutely massive in places and I think they have varying levels of documentation. Getting it all documented and converted to sutiable coding styles etc will probably take a huge amount of time. I haven't asked for the code - its bad enough configuring the binary let alone the build script!

Thanks for replying, any tips/advice you've got on the above would be most useful! If we get all this sorted, I'd like to investigate the possibility of hosting the compiled binary on the net somewhere so other Condor users can get hold of it. I think it could be a good way of getting some MATLAB users to move to Octave.


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