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cdfread function for octave

From: Peter Mao
Subject: cdfread function for octave
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2007 12:02:26 -0700

Is there any call for a function to read CDF files into octave? In my lab, we chose CDF over HDF, FITS and a host of other binary formats because it looked simple and was easy to implement. The other major factor was that Matlab has a CDFREAD function, which, with appropriate massaging, makes it very easy to deal with CDF in that environment.

UCLA doesn't have a Matlab site license, so to get other students and researchers to use a serious data analysis package (NOT EXCEL!!), I've been telling people about Octave. The lack of a CDF reader was a hurdle, so I wrote this Perl script to do the job. It's not comprehensive, and it doesn't match all of Matlab's CDFREAD's capabilities, but it's a start (and it does everything I need it to do).

Looking in the Octave mail archives, the last request for a CDF reader was in 2001. I could also put this up in the CDF user- supplied software list, but that has only one other link on it and doesn't look well supported/promoted.

Suggestion on where to go next are appreciated.

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Peter Mao

Peter Mao
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