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Re: Release of Octave Forge

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: Release of Octave Forge
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:48:36 +0200
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Marius Schamschula wrote:
> David,
> After finishing the octave 2.9.10 builds for Mac OS X this morning I
> saw your message about the new version of octave-forge.
> I wanted to download the single file distribution to save myself the
> effort to download a large number of these files individually. This
> does not work on any SF mirror. Worse yet, It claims to be downloading
> the "Packages for the Nice language".
> Something is amiss here...
I can't regenerate this problem, the bundle of packages now downloads

> After looking the pkg mechanism, I think packaging octave-forge no
> longer makes sense, so I'll drop the port and let users install things
> themselves. The problem here is that the end user will not know the
> dependencies, since the Linux package names are often those of the
> devel packages that Fink uses, don't exist for MacPorts or the HMUG
> ports system.
I added RPM builds of the packages in the CVS (try make srpms). These
SRPMS build octave using the package manager and then recreate the form
of a valid octave package with all of the compiled code to make an
octave binary package. There is nothing to stop you doing the same thing.

For the SRPMs I relied on the RPM mechanism to get the installed host
selection correct. However, if you don't do something similar with a dmg
then you might need to add a Mac specific dependency in the DESCRIPTION
file to prevent installation elsewhere.

> BTW: Is there a verbose install mode? I would like to see what is
> going on if there are install problems.
If it crashes it prints the results of the last action that failed.
There is no verbose mode at the moment, though that might be a good


> On Mar 28, 2007, at 3:40 PM, David Bateman wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Now that Octave 2.9.10 has been released, I've taken the new Octave
>> Forge website live, tagged a release and uploaded all of the packages to
>> source forge.
>> This is the first full release of Octave Forge based on the new package
>> manager and so I imagine there might be a few rough spots. So please
>> sent reports on any problems you find.
>> Regards
>> David
> Marius
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> Marius Schamschula
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> The Huntsville Macintosh Users Group
> <>
> webmaster at hmug dot org
> marius at schamschula dot com

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