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Re: gset issues

From: Utkarsh Upadhyay
Subject: Re: gset issues
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2007 23:52:27 +0530

That produces no errors on my Octave v2.1.73 and GNUPlot v 4.0

Only of deprecated warnings:

warning: gset is deprecated and will be removed from a future
warning: version of Octave.
warning: You should use the higher-level plot functions
warning: ("plot", "mesh", "semilogx", etc.) instead
warning: of the low-level plotting commands.
warning: If you absolutely must use this function, use the
warning: internal version __gnuplot_set__ instead.

So, I would have guessed it to be an version issue, but it seems here
that the Command should work on older versions too. Anyways, upgrading
to the said versions is likely to solve the problem, if urgent.


On 3/22/07, Matt Funk <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi also,

i am trying to set linewidth via:
gset terminal postscript enhanced color solid lw 2 "Times-Roman" 20

but that gives me the following error :
line 0: undefined variable: lw

my octave version is 2.1.50 and gnuplot is 3.7

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