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From: Alexis Papa
Subject: Assistance
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 06:59:04 +0100

I was wondering If I can get some help with Octave-Forge for windows. At the begining a Cygwin was installed in my PC. Iwas not able to unistall it so I removed all components manually. By scanning my computer I was not able to find any Cygwin Components. Then I tried to install Octave-Forge for windows and the installation went just find. When I try to open Octave , the Octave indows flash and then is disapeared at once. Can I get som assistance? What can I do? How can unistall Cygwin and be able to run Octave?

Please kindly note that I am not an experience Octave user or a programmer. I am just a simple user.

Thank You in advance

Best Regards


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