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Re: using h5read.oct

From: Frech, Michael
Subject: Re: using h5read.oct
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 09:24:37 +0100
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In the meanwhile I have re-compiled everything from scratch and it works
I guess  there were some incorrect links in my original installation,
but I'm not
sure what real  reason was.


David Bateman schrieb:
> Frech, Michael wrote:
>> I have installed a octave rpm  (octave2.9-2.9.9-7) and h5read.oct was
>> built from h5utils-1.10.1
>> Are you suggesting to re-compile octave from scratch?
>> regards,
>> Michael
> Definitive not.. What concerned me with your error message was that this
> is a basic symbol of octave and if it is not found then to me it
> indicates that the header files that were used to compile h5utils are
> not the same as those used for octave itself. Do you have multiple
> versions of octave installed? What if you use mkoctfile to compile the
> code from within octave itself? Basically you have a very weird problem,
> and so you'll need to do a little bit more investigative work to try and
> find out the cause..
> D.

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