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Re: sine wave equations

From: Miroslaw Kwasniak
Subject: Re: sine wave equations
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 14:52:26 +0100
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On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 12:45:02PM -0800, Paul Roberts wrote:
> Most likely just an aliasing problem.

I'm sure that it is.

> Make sure that you have a high
> enough sampling frequency in x. For example, lets say that x
> represents space. The spatial frequency of your sine wave seems to be
> 1/lambda. To sample the function properly, your delta_x should be at
> least as small as lambda/2. So you would use:
> delta_x = lambda/2;
> x = x_min:delta_x:x_max;

Don't forget that the sampling theorem (known as Nyquist or Shannon theorem,
I suppose that most official name is now: Whittaker-Kotelnikov-Shannon
theorem) is about an uniform-sampled representation of time-continous
signal, which can be perfectly (and uniquely) reconstructed from samples.

If don't like playing with a signal reconstruction/interpolation but only
want to use samples to make a plot I always say - use at least 10 samples
for signal period (that is 5 points for a half sine) to get a sensible figure.

> If you wanted to oversample, you could use a smaller delta_x

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