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sine wave equations

Subject: sine wave equations
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006 16:31:16 +0000

Dear all,

I am using NEURON simulation package, a tool for simulating Neurons. In the simulation I am currently building I am using sine wave equations. And the sine wave plots look somewhat corrupted. Not all the waves are of the same shape etc. Now, there must be loads of people on this list that know these sine equations backwards. So, I write to kindly ask if my equations are OK. I write because my NEURON simulation is not working as desired - and a fault in the sine wave equations is one candidate. I have already done a little check myself by using an online plotting applet to see what their plot looks like. ANd it looks fine! So I write to this list as an extra check.

2 one dimensional sine wave equations 180 degrees out of phase (with an offset, D, for each, that ensures the centre is non-zero. So that we dont ever have negative values).

y(x) = A*sin(((2*PI*x)/lambda)-0) + D
where A = D

y(x) = A*sin(((2*PI*x)/lambda)-PI) + D
where A = D

Now, I have tried these alternative equations as well. These form corrupted sine waves as well:

y(x) = A*sin(((360*x)/lambda)-0) + D
where A = D

y(x) = A*sin(((360*x)/lambda)-180) + D
where A = D

For anyone that wants to go deeper into my problem (though this would require some neuroscience knowledge) there is a running thread on it at this forum (NEURON forum hosted at Yale):

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