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Re: slightly OT : arbitrary data conversion

From: Shai Ayal
Subject: Re: slightly OT : arbitrary data conversion
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 17:57:34 +0300
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well, trying to answer an arbitrary question is highly non-trivial :)

1. Say you could run it under wine, how would this help you anyway? You say the program itself does not convert to ascii.

2. I would try to reverse engineer it. It might be highly complex (say like the word DOC file format), but most file formats, especially from small software tend to be rather simple -- I would try to skip any obvious header and than load it into ints or floats or doubles and see if it makes sense. Have a look at the octave fread command -- it is quite useful for these kind of things.

I hope this answer is better than arbitrary,

Bryan W. Lepore wrote:
sorry for the OT question, but how would i go about converting an
arbitrary windows data file that some program generates to plain-text?

(more detail below):

the program on windows does not convert to ascii.  getting the program to
run in wine will not be trivial, if at all possible.  only one part of the
output from `strings` or `file` starts making sense - points to a dll, but
short of mirroring the windows installation, it leads no where.

sooo... my best guess is try to get it to run in wine.  any other ideas

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