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Re: loops vs vectorization

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: loops vs vectorization
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 22:22:02 -0400

On Jul 6, 2006, at 6:16 PM, Joan Picanyol i Puig wrote:

'k, so let's turn this into "I wish I'd know how to vectorize this".

* Robert A.Macy <address@hidden> [20060706 01:11]:
for example, the simple act of replacing every item that is
less than negative with the value zero.

Indexing with find should fit your needs.

This is easy:  x(x<0)=0

I just found this in some code of mine:

    %XXX this shouldn't be hard to vectorize
    for lp = 1:lnechoes
ltmp(lp,llags(lp):ln_t + llags(lp) - 1) = ltmps(lp,:) * lvalues(lp),

The right hand side is easy enough:
The left hand side is harder:

If what you want is really an attenuated echo, though, then you should be able to use filter. E.g., the following is a lag 5 echo attenuated by 40%:

    x=zeros(1,40); x(1:2)=1; plot(filter(1,[1,0,0,0,-0.6],x))

Any tips for this one? I have a harder one too, and this one is killing me:

    for i = 1:ln_t
        [u,s,v] = svd(Rx(:,:,i)),
        w = 1./diag(s + 1000*eps),
        m = (abs(u.'*conj(a_s))).^2,
        pow_density = 1 ./ (sum(diag(w)*m)),
        k = find(pow_density == max(pow_density)),

        %check for aliasing
        if (length(k) ~= 1)
msg = sprintf('capon_doa_est found %d out of %d possible DoAs\n',...
                k, length(theta_s))
            k = k(1)

        ldoa(i) = theta_s(k),

For those in signal processing, this is supposed to be a Capon DoA
estimator.  The only reason I haven't rewritten it in C++ (besides the
proverbial lack of time) is that I believe most time is spent on the
svd() call, and thus there's not much to be gained. It is also svd()
that I wouldn't know how to vectorize.

Check if repeating the svd doubles the amount of running time. This will confirm that it is the bottleneck, and that the only improvement you will get is by changing your algorithm or using parallelism.

- Paul

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