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Athlon processor Octave 2.9.6

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Athlon processor Octave 2.9.6
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 02:07:55 -0400

On  3-Jul-2006, Jayshankar Dubey wrote:

| Thank you, After applying the patch given in the News section, GCC
| 3.3.4 could compile the GNU octave 2.9.6 on my P-III machine with
| slackware linux and things are working fine.
| However on another machine having AMD 2400 processor and slackware
| linux (GCC 3.3.4) the compilation gets stalled while processing
| Array.i file giving an Internal GCC error. However I could compile it
| by disabling the optimization flags while issuing make command :
| The following works
| but if I say
|       make CFLAGS=-O CXXFLAGS=-O LDFLAGS= it gives a GCC internal error on
| Athlon processor.
| Just a caution to those trying Octave on AMD processors?? Or is it
| something else?

If GCC crashes with an internal compiler error, then that is a bug in
GCC.  But before you report it, you might want to try the current
version of GCC.  Three major GCC releases have happened since 3.3.x.


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