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Athlon processor Octave 2.9.6

From: Jayshankar Dubey
Subject: Athlon processor Octave 2.9.6
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 11:19:59 +0530

Thank you, After applying the patch given in the News section, GCC
3.3.4 could compile the GNU octave 2.9.6 on my P-III machine with
slackware linux and things are working fine.

However on another machine having AMD 2400 processor and slackware
linux (GCC 3.3.4) the compilation gets stalled while processing
Array.i file giving an Internal GCC error. However I could compile it
by disabling the optimization flags while issuing make command :

The following works

but if I say
        make CFLAGS=-O CXXFLAGS=-O LDFLAGS= it gives a GCC internal error on
Athlon processor.

Just a caution to those trying Octave on AMD processors?? Or is it
something else?

Thank you,

J. S. Dubey

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