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building octave 2.9.5 on Tiger

From: Daniel Oberhoff
Subject: building octave 2.9.5 on Tiger
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 23:11:50 +0200


I wanted to build an octave version against the native gcc4.0.1 on Mac Os 10.4 Tiger. I had some trouble configuring 2.1 so I tried 2.9, and it compiled fine (after I removed g77 and it used my gfortran 4.2.0 instead, substituting -lreadline in configure with /usr/local/ libreadline.dylib to circumvent BSDs malicious libreadline and changing <readline/readline.h> to <readline.h> in the include at one point so octave could acess the internal readline functions).

Running I find that I can't use plot (__gnuplot_plot__ undefined). Further investigation leads me to beleive that simply no functions that are contained within an .oct-file but don't carry the same name as this can be called. For example min and max are also defined (seemingly defined inside minmax.oct). I could not find any docs on how those functions are resolved.

Any Ideas? I have heard before that octave 2.9 was compiled on Tiger before rather cleanly (except for the same readline troubles), anyone who has done this any tips?


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