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Re: gnuplot 4.1 and imagesc

From: Timothée Lecomte
Subject: Re: gnuplot 4.1 and imagesc
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 06:28:19 +0200
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Quentin Spencer wrote:
Peter Søndergaard wrote:
Dear list,

how do I get Octave to use the new image features in gnuplot 4.1? I
would like get imagesc to respect "subplot" and "print". Is this

I am running Octave 2.9.5 (Fedora Core 5), but I have no problem in
I am very interested in this, but this is where I'm a little frustrated with gnuplot's slow release cycles. I would be willing to work on patches for octave, but I wouldn't expect John to apply patches until a 4.1 release is widely available in the distributions, and I don't really want to maintain patches to a source tree that will be changing in the meantime. Do any of the gnuplot insiders on the list here know how soon we might expect a release?
I am a recent contributor to gnuplot, so don't take my words for granted, but :

The recent months have seen quite a bit of concentration on the bugs and patches listed on SourceForge, with good progresses.

In particular, a new interactive terminal based on Cairo and wxWidgets has been commited on the CVS and is stabilizing (screenshot here : , many other patches have been worked on and integrated, and a thread about the remaining work before a new release has been sent to the mailing list. Of course, there is no date, but it is definitely approaching.

I will forward your message to the gnuplot mailing list to make your valuable standpoint known there.

Best regards,

Timothée Lecomte

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