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Re: Easy tutorial on how to make 3-dimensional graphics

From: Tetsuji \"Maverick\" Rai
Subject: Re: Easy tutorial on how to make 3-dimensional graphics
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 00:55:32 +0900
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Quentin Spencer wrote:
> Tetsuji "Maverick" Rai wrote:
>> Thank you for your help...
>> I'm a newbie on octave.
>> Now I've begun writing a small function to make a 3-d plot, but I'm
>> stuck at linspace(,,).  Following function fails like
>>  snip....
> The last argument to the linspace function must be >1. Type help
> linspace to learn why.

Thanks.  I've got it to work w/o any modifications.  It worked like a
charm (yes, it's like a charm to the "current" me :) ).  I forgot I used
sombrero(32) or larger to test sombrero(n)....

>> Apparently x and z has a problem (I think I just borrowed this line from
>> sombrero(n)).  I must be doing something wrong, but don't know what's
>> wrong..  Looking at sombrero(n), I see a single quote after
>> linspace(-8,8,n) and a period before slash '/' or hat '^'..... What are
>> they??  As for math, C++ is much easier to me... very unusual :(
> In octave, a*b represents a matrix multiplication of matrices a and b
> (which requires that they have the correct dimensions). That is
> different than element-wise multiplication of a and b, so that is
> represented with the symbol ".*". Since the operators / and ^ also have
> special meanings for matrix operations, if you want to divide all of the
> elements in one vector or matrix by all of the elements in another of
> the same dimensions, you use "./"; the same is true for exponents and
> the ".^" operator. The single quote represents the transpose of a matrix.

Thank you for your help!  It's very clear!   Then I need to read "375
page manual" online and ask here when necessary...

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