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Re: Easy tutorial on how to make 3-dimensional graphics

From: Tetsuji \"Maverick\" Rai
Subject: Re: Easy tutorial on how to make 3-dimensional graphics
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 03:37:49 +0900
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Quentin Spencer wrote:
> Tetsuji "Maverick" Rai wrote:
>> I want to make graphics like the one on
>> provided z=f(x,y) to display particle densities on various conditions on
>> quantum mechanics.
>> Where can I find easy script examples?  I know how to plot in
>> 2-dimensional graphs.
>> Thanks in advance!
> The plot you are refering to was created using the "sombrero" function
> that is part of octave. You can view the code that was used to create it
> by entering "type sombrero" at the octave prompt.
> -Quentin
Thanks!  I understood how to plot in 3-dimensional space.  Then how can
I "rotate" or "pitch up/down" this 3-dimension graphics display?  I
cannot find it in the online document 17.3 "Three-Dimensional Plotting."

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