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Re: octave to c compiler?

From: Ze Ji
Subject: Re: octave to c compiler?
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 17:13:54 +0000

Hi, Steve,

Thanks for your information. I do agree with you on the documentation project for octave dynamic link implementation.

Sorry for my poor discription. I meant to build a stand-alone application in C/C++ language, that can use the octave functions, so that I do not need to work on the tedious programming for those signal processing maths in C. :-)  Lazy, uhm .

Regarding the octave -> C++ compiler, I hope it may go smoothly.

By the way, still, I do not understand why octave is so good, but still lacks supporters, at least among my colleagues. :-(



Ze Ji

On 04/12/05, Steve C. Thompson <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Ze,

On 04 Dec 05 02:12AM, Ze Ji wrote:
> Hi, does anyone know anything about the implementation of
> convert octave script to c / c++ code?
This would be great.

> Or, simply, is it possible to call any octave function from
> c/c++?
I've tried to do this in the past, and you can see notes of my
feeble advanture here: <>.

One problem I had with this was the lack of documentation.  It
would be wonderful if those experience with this task could start
a free documentation project, perhaps a wiki.  (I haven't looked
into this for a while, but when I did, ``Da Coda Al Fine'' and
``Dal Segno al Coda'' were the only two documents; while very
helpful, they weren't enough to get me up and running.)

> I found something below
This looks awesome!  Compliments to those developing it.  If this
worked it would really be a boost for Octave.


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