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Plotting vectors as points

From: Sue Stones
Subject: Plotting vectors as points
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 19:12:03 +1000
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I have a series of vectors that I need to plot as point.  I can't figgure out 
how to do it.

I have 2 groups of 4 vectors, which need to be plotted with different types of 
points to distinguish the groups.

The problem is that it is plotting the x- value of the first vector against 
the x valuse of the second vector, then the y-value of the first vector 
against the y-value of the second vector.  

It is interpreting the plot as 4 lines, which end up in the key.  Is ther some 
way of getting it to plot sets of points.  Can i get rid of the key?



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