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Re: concatenating sparse arrays

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: concatenating sparse arrays
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 14:13:34 +0200
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Its a bug in the sparse type and a missing feature in octave itself.

Its a bug in the sparse type due to the fact that the sparse type
doesn't implement an array_value function, that returns the dense
Nd array corresponding to the sparse matrix. If it did then your
[a;b] would return the corresponding dense version of the two
matrices concatenated.

Since there is no way within octave at the moment to have external
type (as sparse is) implement their own concatenation operator [],
its also a missing feature of octave. There has been some talk about
this being implemented soon however.

For now look at the functions sphcat and spvcat that implement
concatenation of sparse matrices...


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