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[Fwd: Re: Question - Why gnulplot run independently on Windows XP by Oct

From: Paul Thomas
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Question - Why gnulplot run independently on Windows XP by Octave v2p1p50]
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 21:47:53 +0200
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--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: Question - Why gnulplot run independently on Windows XP by Octave v2p1p50 Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 21:26:16 +0200 User-agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.2.1) Gecko/20030225
Pas de quoi, Nishiyama-san,

In order to answer you questions, I just downloaded and installed
octave-2.1.50a; I do not use Windows at home, except for tests using Cygwin.

My installation uses 19.7Mbyte/101 folders/1625 files - on XP with an
Athlon 1600. I have no idea why they should all be different. Still, as
long as they work....!

Your octave-2.1.50a installation includes Windows Gnuplot. Go to
c:/Program Files/GNU octave 2.1.50/bin using Explorer (note that I used
"/" - your message has converted backslash to \ in Mozilla!) and you
will find wgnuplot.exe amongst others. Right click on it, select "send"
and then "desktop(create shortcut)". You will then have a shortcut to
Gnuplot on your desktop. Mine worked just fine.

Best of luck

Paul Thomas

address@hidden wrote:

>Paul Thomas Mr. and
>Dear member of the Octave project
>Merci Beaucoup!
>To tell the truth, I want to use independently gnuplot this time.
>After installation by octave-2.1.50a-inst.exe offered by your quick response 
>(gnuplot_in_GNU ...), 
>I confirm that Octave 2.1.50 run normally for a simple example program to plot 
>simple figure.
>          ( Ahelix.jpg ) 
>Also, I want to know the differences on numbers of files & desired memories 
>between three kinds of systems, like as the previous mail to the follows;
> **  files  **   **   memory **   **  system and processor **
>1) 1458 files & 25.1 MB on Windows-98 celron processor
>2) 1842 files & 1.32 GB on Windows-98 Pentium III processor  <- why too huge 
>3) 1554 files & 25.7 MB on Windows-XP Pentium IV processor
> (the attached files of the previous mail again; property_octave ... .gif can 
> be looked by 
>     enlargement )
>I want to know that gnuplot cannot run independently on Windows XP, but I want 
>to use gnuplot independently on Windows XP, like used by Windows 98. ( gnuplot 
>window XP & 98.gif )
>May 12 2004
>Nishiyama H 
>HCRL  Hitachi, Ltd.
>>Firstly, you will find useful information for the installation of octave 
>>under Windows on
>>Click on the first link to octave-forge and you will find a series of 
>>downloads: click on octave-2.1.50a.exe
>>This is the most reliable of all the Windows binaries that I know of. 
>>It is also more recent than your version.
>>Clicking on the .exe file from Explorer results in the execution of the 
>>install programme - there are one or two questions about install options 
>>but it is otherwise very rapid and easy.
>>Paul Kienzle was in the middle of building a similar binary for 
>>octave-2.1.56, before getting weighed under by "day-time" matters - how 
>>is it faring, Paul?  I use a pre-release version of this all the time.
>>Paul Thomas
>>address@hidden wrote:
>>>Dear member of the Octave project
>>> address@hidden
>>>( attached files correction )
>>>GNU Octave 2.1.36 is very useful software for advanced simulation using 
>>>numerical computation and graphics display of the calculation.
>>>On click of mouse, cygwin and octave2.1.36 are installed.    It was very 
>>>Could you look at the attached file about a few comparison between Windows 
>>>98 (Celron processor, Pentium III processor, both 450 MHz) and XP (Pentium 
>>>IV 3.2 GHz), so notice that XP's numbers of files is less than 413 files at 
>>>maximum, but numbers of folders are same. 
>>>Owing to this cause, gnuplot doesn't run correctly like that characters 
>>>couldn't read in gnuplot window on Windows XP.-> attached file: gnuplot 
>>>window XP & 98.gif
>>>I am very pleased if you teach me how to cure this problem.  The programming 
>>>technique ability of my own is not high that I download and install binary 
>>>version. For me it's very easy work and I could learn so much programming 
>>>technique using Octave about numerical computation of matrix, vector, and 
>>>3-D display plot; plot3() etc. 
>>>I express very thankful for every member on this project.
>>>May 11 2004
>>>Hisashi NISHIYAMA Dr. Eng. 
>>>Life Science Center in Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi. Ltd.
>>>Kokubunnji-shi Tokyo, 185-8601, JAPAN ( NIPPON )
>>>E-mail: address@hidden 

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