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octave-2.1.48: Success and thanks again

From: avrahamr
Subject: octave-2.1.48: Success and thanks again
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 10:31:57 -0500

In the wake of rebuilding my system after a hard disk crash, I decided to try 
Debian Linux. Dick Eddelbuettel's contributions to this list were one of the 
reasons. Also the fact that on Slackware I had been unble to build by myself 
some pieces of software I intended to try to use.
It is unbelievable how long it takes to get a confortable work environement in 
a system only slightly different from this one was used to. But finally I am 
there. Following J.W.Eaton's advice I built and installed gcc-3.2.2 again and 
then downloaded the octave-2.48 tar ball, built and installed it. I did not 
try to find the deb package, because I wished to conserve the stable version 
as well, as a backup, just in case...
It all went smoothly and passed all the tests, except for try-9m, try-10m, 
eval-cat??9.m and eval-cat??-10.m (I wrote it down fast and now I am unable to 
read my own handwriting. If anyone can help me here, I shall file a proper bug 
Thank you again J.W.Eaton, Dan Hitt and Paul Kienzle for their help. This is 
not the first time, either.
Cheers, Avraham

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