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Butter Filters

From: Doug Stewart
Subject: Butter Filters
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 07:58:08 -0500
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I have made the changes to butter.m, so that it now does the same thing
as Matlab's butter.m
I am in the testing phase, and I found that the state space model from
Matlab is different than the SS model from Octave. I am a little weak on
SS theory but if I remember corectly SS models can be displayed in
different ways.
Is this true??  Would some one please clue me in so I can finish
testing this, and donate it to the Octave group.

I will do  cheby1, cheby2 and ellip after I get this tested.
Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart wrote:
 _ Paul Kienzle wrote:
 __ Doug Stewart wrote:
 ___ Is there a M file to make laplace space filters rather than Z space
 ___ filters?
 __ You just need to skip the bilinear command in butter.m.  How
 __ about checking for a file arg of 's' on the command line and using
 __ that to decide if you are going to call bilinear.  Patches for butter,
 __ cheby1, cheby2 and ellip will be much appreciated.
 __ Paul Kienzle
 __ address@hidden
 _ I will gladly make these changes. Just thought that they might by done
 _ allready by someone else. If not I will do it.
 _ Doug Stewart

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