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Octave and PLPLOT Compile trouble with gcc 3.2

From: LEFEVRE Jérôme
Subject: Octave and PLPLOT Compile trouble with gcc 3.2
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:28:20 +1100

Hi MM. Kienzle & Cardoso,
Hi Octave users, 
I have upgraded GCC from 2.95 to 3.2 and now i meet trouble with dynamics library and binding with PLPLOT, throught (I'm root, i use matwrap too and distro is mandrake 9.0)
1/, When i install Octave (2.1.36), I declare this argument with configure :
--enable-shared --enable-dl
Octave compiles and seems to work fine but when i quit it, there is always a segmentation fault (!?).
2/ However, with PLPLOT, compile don't work, cause errors with
I don't know why, cause with GCC 2.95, I have installed PLPLOT with success.
After web surfing, I see that many users have trouble with Gcc 3.2 and compiling software.
Before to send compile report, i ask :
What may be wrong ??
Do somebody have same trouble and know a rule (special GCC argument etc...) to avoid trouble with GCC 3.2 ?
Best regards and happy greetings,
jérôme Lefevre

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