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Problem with inv function

From: Héctor Garcia Peris
Subject: Problem with inv function
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 17:10:17 +0200


I am inverting a big matrix (60x60) using the inv function. The result of the inversion is a matrix with the first column with a number in the first row and the rest of the rows with zeros. I have inverted this matrix using other application and the result of the inversion is different, the first column doesn't have zeros in the whole column except the first row. The multiplication of the original matrix by each inverted matrix is the identity matrix, but I don't understand why the inverted matrix is different. Why octave produces this result?


Héctor Garcia Peris
Dpto. Informática
Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas S.A. (Ivie)
C/ Guardia Civil, 22 esc-2 1º 46020 - Valencia (Spain)
Tfno.: +34 - 963190050 / +34 - 963930816
Fax.: +34 - 963190055 / +34 - 963930856
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