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Newbie using Octave fit with compiled fitting function

From: Loic Bertrand
Subject: Newbie using Octave fit with compiled fitting function
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 06:26:24 -0500


I am sure my question is very simple for someone who
works daily with Octave... but not for me

I am working on a unix box. I collected some
experimental data and wrote a C program to model the

As I have no time left to include directly in my C
code a fitting procedure, I wanted to know if there is
a way to use this compiled C program as an octave
function to fit my exp. data.

My "fitting function" is a program which takes
argument from command line (or from a parmeter file)
and gives back a value through the terminal (or a

Please tell me if you need some more information and
thank you for your help.


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