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multiple pages for one plot

From: Eric Christian Carlsen
Subject: multiple pages for one plot
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 12:46:17 -0600
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Okay, so the command plot(x,y1,"-;Legend1;",x,y2,"-;Legend2;") worked. Thanks.Now the problem is that whenever I print this to any kind of file instead of the screen it displays multiple pages. For example, in the above command the first page will be empty, the second page will contain a plot of only y1 versus x, and the third page will have y1 and y2 versus x. How can I make that last plot be the only page that appears? Thanks again for the help, sorry if I monopolizing the mailing list.

Just for your information I've tried to output to postscript, encapsulated postscript and fig formats with the results mentioned above. One example of the script is:

clear all;
x=[1 4 5 6];
pmma4=[280 275 257 282];
pmma6=[280 255 246 260];
gset term postscript portrait color;
gset output "";
title ("SHG Output vs. Date");
xlabel ("Date");
ylabel ("Max Output");
plot(x,pmma4,"-;PMMA 3-4 kV;",x,pmma6,"-;PMMA 6 kv;");

Eric Carlsen

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