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Re: Octave .oct files, egcs, and GCC...

From: Trond Eivind Glomsrød
Subject: Re: Octave .oct files, egcs, and GCC...
Date: 21 May 2001 22:07:43 -0400
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Braddock Gaskill <address@hidden> writes:

> On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 07:00:34PM -0400, Trond Eivind Glomsrød wrote:
> > Braddock Gaskill <address@hidden> writes:
> > > And to think I thought GCC and EGCS had already completed merging ages
> > > ago... :/
> > 
> > They didn't as much merge as rename egcs to gcc... old egcs isn't an
> > uptodate C++ compiler, the one we (Red Hat) started shipping in Red
> > Hat Linux 7 (with Mandrake now following our lead) is much more so.
> This is what I THOUGHT; Mandrake 8 has seperate packages for
> egcs-1.1.2 and gcc-2.96, and this /usr/bin/kgcc is owned by egcs.
> Note, the reason I discovered that octave/oct.h worked is because kgcc
> is in the 'mkoctfile' command on my distro.

We (OK, "I" in this case) chose to deliver 2.1.33 instead for Red Hat
Linux 7.1 - it works fine for the test cases I had, and making octave
2.0.x compile on newer compilers (our compiler, and gcc 3 when that is
released - the level of strictness is about the same) wouldn't be
FTR, we did it the same way (using old compatiblity compilers - the
one which will let you produce binaries for Red Hat Linux 6.x on a Red
Hat Linux 7.x system) for Red Hat Linux 7.

> Oh well, beats me what's going on...just thought maybe someone else
> would be banging their head on the same problem and a google search
> could pop this up.  

They compiled it with their old compiler - you can compile other
objects with is if you need to link with it. Different versions of gcc
are never compatible wrt. C++ (except bugfixreleases), so you can't
use different C++ compilers for different object files when they link
with each other.  
> I should probably switch back to RedHat; Mandrake does a good job on
> things, but I don't trust any distribution that doesnt' include
> 'telnet' by default. :(

Telnet is evil - openssh is good. We include it, but telnet-server
is disabled by default (as are all other services, except ssh). 

Trond Eivind Glomsrød
Red Hat, Inc.

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