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Re: Plotting a principal component analysis with contours

From: Gerrit J. Kiers
Subject: Re: Plotting a principal component analysis with contours
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 21:03:36 +0200

From: "Johan Kullstam" <address@hidden>

> for canonical variate analysis, you almost have to go with SVD.  tw
> anderson's eigenvalue derivation for CVA is imho incomprehensible.

I indeed consulted his 'multivariate statistical analysis'. I share your
conclusion. Thanks for the comfort! But of course my judgement is based on a
lack of education in this field and has little to do with Andersons
accomplishments.... ;-)

> anyhow, once you do an SVD you can look at the problem as multiple
> one- dimensional gaussians.  solve the 1D cases to get spheres of
> confidence intervals.  use the SVD mapping to get elipses in the
> original vector space.

Thanks for this help, I'll try this and will publish the files here once I'm


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