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Re: Is there Common Data Format (CDF) support for Octave?

From: Joshua Rigler
Subject: Re: Is there Common Data Format (CDF) support for Octave?
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 10:05:44 -0700

Kristof Sturm wrote:
> On 24-Jan-2001, Joshua Rigler <address@hidden> wrote:
> | I see that the development branch of Octave has HDF support, but has
> | anybody put together anything for CDF support.  I can't find anything
> | through  In particular I am trying to develop code for
> | reading ISTP standard CDF files for space physics data sets. Any
> | suggestions?
> I saw a freely available NetCDF/Matlab interface program on
> . It contains an executable
> .mex-file and the corresponding source files.
>         Is such a package likely to work under Octave ? Should I try to 
> compile
> the package for Matlab5 or rather Matlab4 ?
> Thanks for any information on that matter...
>         K.
> _________________________________
> Kristof Sturm

I've investigated MexCDF.  I'm not extremely familiar with Mex files in
MATLAB.  Are MEX files compatible with .oct files?  I don't know for
sure, but I doubt it.

In addition (and again, I'm uncertain here), while NetCDF and CDF are
very similar, there are fundamental differences in their abilities.  Not
the least of which is that NetCDF doesn't support a multi-file format as
far as I can tell.  As I am eventually going to be optimizing for speed,
the faster access times afforded by using a multi-file CDF format are
something I want to use.

I'm in the process of writing C++ wrappers for the CDFlib routines I
need.  I will probably be posting several questions to this list in the
very near future regarding the creation of .oct files.  If anyone can
point me at better literature than the very limited instructions in the
Octave manual, I would be very much obliged.  I am mostly familiar with
regular C programming, and understand little other than the syntax of
C++ (i.e. I am not very familiar with object-oriented programming), so
examples are helpful.


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