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Re: Is there Common Data Format (CDF) support for Octave?

From: Kristof Sturm
Subject: Re: Is there Common Data Format (CDF) support for Octave?
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 17:00:29 +0100

On 24-Jan-2001, Joshua Rigler <address@hidden> wrote:

| I see that the development branch of Octave has HDF support, but has
| anybody put together anything for CDF support.  I can't find anything
| through  In particular I am trying to develop code for
| reading ISTP standard CDF files for space physics data sets. Any
| suggestions?

I saw a freely available NetCDF/Matlab interface program on . It contains an executable
.mex-file and the corresponding source files. 
        Is such a package likely to work under Octave ? Should I try to compile
the package for Matlab5 or rather Matlab4 ?
Thanks for any information on that matter...
Kristof Sturm
Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'Environnement
54, rue Molière - BP 96 - 38402 St Martin d'Hères - France
tel.: ++ 33 (0)

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