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Re: some thoughts about the future of Octave

From: João Cardoso
Subject: Re: some thoughts about the future of Octave
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 21:12:03 +0000

Kai Habel wrote:
> Paul Kienzle wrote:


> I plan to use the sparse
> package from Andy Adler in the near future.

John Eaton has asked, on an earlier post, comments on the development
model to follow in "the future of Octave".

John Eaton has always been concerned with both the code "quality"  and
the code correcteness. In my opinion, this approach has keep away from
Octave many potential developers.

I think that the Octave "to be" development model must address this
question very carefully. Additions such as Andy Adler sparse package
should be incorporated in development branches of Octave; other user
contributions, such as new data types (I remember the bit datatype)
should also be incorporated; with cvs this is quite easy to do, and will
encourage users to dig Octave internals and make usefull contributions.
The question is if the contributions should go to the cvs main branch,
allowing others to easily experiment the new code, or as a specific
branch, where only interested users (the developper!) would try it.

I know that both new data types and dll functions can be keept separated
from Octave code, but this will not encourage users to contribute -- and
Octave sourceforge repository is definitivelly a flop.

Well, enough 2c for now


PS- should't we make separate discussion threads? I propose
   "New Octave model development"
   "New Octave GUI"
   "New Octave graphics"
   "New Octave and MATLAB"

as those seems to be the major points of discussion.

João Cardoso, address@hidden
Gab. I-314, tel. 1888

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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