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an interactive plotting tool

From: Daniel Kottow
Subject: an interactive plotting tool
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 17:29:31 +0100

hi everybody,
meanwhile you guys lay the philosophical graveyard of scientific
computing, i will  contribute a grain from the practical side.
go and check outŠþdk17/brush-bar to find an
interactive graphing tool using scatterplots and histograms. it features
brushing and typical set operations on data selections. and, of course,
it reads octave files. last but not least, it owes some 80% to guppi,
the gnome plotting tool.
let me also give my humble opinion on octave and development. octave is
great, very straightforward to use and wisely employs external resources
like gnuplot or xv.
open source should drive decisions in the sense that you build sw as
smart and as small as possible. branch (offspring) or borrough whenever
you can. 
i believe most of the wish list i have seen, like matlab compat. or gui
or plotting should not be incorporated to octave but just
interface/link/etc. to it. my personal exception: multi-dimensional
have a nice day,
daniel kottow

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