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configure trouble under linux on Mac

From: Mark A. Rubin
Subject: configure trouble under linux on Mac
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 15:29:44 -0600

 Hi all,
  1. We downloaded the current revision of Octave from the website.
  2. We de-compressed the archives onto a ZIP.
  3. We transferred the directories from the ZIP to a Power Mac G4 running Black Lab Linux.
  4. We tried to run configure on the Mac:
    1. Under “sh”, “bash”, “zsh”, “ash” and “tcsh
    2. All versions failed at the first for loop, w/ a syntax error report.
  5. We tried to “patch” Octave-2.2.15 with the Octave-2.2.16 patch w/ the same results
Mark A. Rubin, Ph.D.
Sensor Exploitation Group
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
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Lexington, MA 02420-9185
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