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Re: Compiling octave on RH 7.0

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Compiling octave on RH 7.0
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 19:46:52 -0600

On  1-Dec-2000, Edward S. Meadows <address@hidden> wrote:

| Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll get the latest from the
| cvs server.
| I do have ncurses-devel as well as libtermcap-devel
| installed.  The configuration script results still say that
| they're missing:

Did you install ncurses-devel after running the configure script once?
If so, try removing config.cache and running the configure script again.

|    configure: warning: I couldn't find -ltermcap, -lterminfo, -lncurses, 
-lcurses, or -ltermlib!
|    configure: warning: I didn't find gperf, but it's only a problem if you 
need to reconstruct oct-gperf.h

If you get the sources from the CVS archive, you will need autoconf,
gperf, flex, and bison, because the CVS archive does not include any
files that can be generated automatically.  You'll also need makeinfo
from the texinfo 4.x package (earlier versions won't work).


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