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Redhat 7.0 and octave

From: Phil Cummins
Subject: Redhat 7.0 and octave
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:40:22 +0900


  I sent a message out about this before, when I was considering 
installing RedHat 7.0 on my notebook PC. At that time Trond Eivind 
Glomsrod said that octave 2.0.16 required a "compat compiler"
(and they have supplied the appropriate rpm) but that 2.1.x
compiles just fine.
  I have now installed 7.0 on my notebook and gave 2.0.16 a 
try. Indeed, it doesn't compile under the gcc-2.96-54 shipped
with RedHat 7.0. It had many problems with function (member
functions, I think) prototypes that didn't have argument types
specified. I tried fixing a few of these, but there seemed 
to be quite a few, and I don't know much C++. Since an rpm 
exists I didn't pursue it further (what is the "compat compiler",
  I also thought it might be a good opportunity to switch to the 
development tree, so I tried making 2.1.31. That chugged away for 
quite a long time, even on my 750 MHz Pentium III, but finally 
failed trying to compile Since I was on my notebook at 
home I don't have the exact error message, but it was reported at 
line 1095 (the end of, and complained that it couldn't 
determine the end of the argument list to macro XDEFUN_LOAD (well, 
I think XDEFUN_LOAD was the name of the macro). 
  I'm sorry to say that I probably will not be able to pursue this
much further, and will likely just install the 2.0.16 rpm. I just 
thought people on the list might want to know about the problem. If 
anyone has a suggestion that might resolve the compile problem with 
2.1.31 I'll give it a try and let you know what happens. Or perhaps
no one else is running into problems with RedHat 7.0?

Phil R Cummins                                 address@hidden
Frontier Research for Subduction Dynamics  tel(i/d):81/0-468-67-3393
JAMSTEC, 2-15 Natsushima-cho               fax(i/d):81/0-468-67-3409
Yokosuka 237-0061, Japan            

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