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Re: User Function

From: Etienne Grossmann
Subject: Re: User Function
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 12:45:15 +0100
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>From address@hidden Fri Oct 13 11:10:25 2000
#  I was aware of your script but I didn't actually try it.  I assumed it
#  would not be able to handle .oct file dependencies, which is required
#  for my distribution.  Sorry!

  Right, .oct files are not handled. In fact, I don't know how to use
.oct files by hand either.

#  It occurs to me that you can pick up the top level dependencies by
#  scanning for DEFUN_DLD in the sources.  But that still doesn't help
#  if the .oct file is dependent upon an external library.  Listing
#  these internal dependencies in the database will be necessary, but
#  if it is done right, the make file can be generated automatically.

  Your idea would be to have software packages come with a Makefile or
"configure" file that takes care of the installation? It would
simplify the life of users, indeed. Especially if it were as simple as 

  opkg install <package-file-name>

(opkg like in "Octave Package Manager"; call it "opm" or whatever name
inpired by your distribution's package manager)



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