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Re: Plot and zoom

From: Rolf Fabian
Subject: Re: Plot and zoom
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2000 11:02:43 +0200


Both mouse-zooming and pm3d splot-features are implemented
into gnuplot by Petr Mikulik . I strongly recommend to have a look at his 
homepage including several demo graphsŠþmikulik/gnuplot.html

Unfortunately mouse-control seems only to support OS/2 pm and X11 terminals,
but the filled color polygons feature (pm3d) seems to support more terminals: 

Somewhere on the homepage you can read about supported terminals
> pm3d relies on new terminal entries for filled colour polygons and palette of 
> >smooth colours. This is now implemented for these terminals: 
>     PM (OS/2 Presentation Manager) 
>     X11 
>     Linux VGA 
>     GIF 
>     PostScript 
>     pslatex, pstex, epslatex 
>     fig


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