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Can popen2 be avoided?

From: Stef Pillaert (KAHO)
Subject: Can popen2 be avoided?
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 18:56:27 +0200


I have trouble using popen-close (see bug-octave 2000-276) and popen2( see
help-octave 2000-722).
For my students, I'm making some simulations, where the calculations are
done in octave, but the interface is in Tcl/Tk.

The interface (which I start with popen from octave), is perfectly able to
send strings to octave, but I would like the output of octave to be shown in
the same interface, not to stdout. Since I can't get popen2 to work, is
there another way to send the output of octave to the interface? I'm not
very familiar with communicating between processes (as you might have
noticed...), so...can someone help me?


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