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RE: ANNOUNCE-New Octave for Win32

From: Tom Weichmann
Subject: RE: ANNOUNCE-New Octave for Win32
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 03:48:03 -0400


I finally got my hands on a NT box to test out my win32 installer for 
Octave.  I do have the same trouble as everyone else has had tring 
to install on WinNT.  I do have a work around though!!

1. Delete the previous install.  
2. Run the installer again.
3. open a command prompt and type the following:

C:ŠÜprograŠþ1ŠÜoctaveŠÜbinŠÜsetup.bat C:ŠÜprograŠþ1ŠÜoctave

Of course this may vary if you did not choose the default install 
path.  This should pop open a ms-dos window, and extract octave.

On windows98 this is done automatically.  I do not know what the 
problem is yet, but for some reason install.exe can not execute 
setup.bat on NT.  I have never really used NT until today, any NT 
guru's out there have any idea why a bat file which can run from the 
command prompt can not run from another program?  I do not 
know if it matters, but my NT box is a fresh install of NT4.0 w/o any 
service packs.


Tom Weichmann

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