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Re: downsimplex

From: Ben Sapp
Subject: Re: downsimplex
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 09:59:44 -0700

etienne grossmann wrote:
>   If you like, we should be able to write decent minimizing tools. It
> should be easier for 2 persons than for one.
I agree.   I will help on this effort.   As a matter of fact I suggest
that you do not write any thing similar to lp(Linear Programming) in
Matlab.   I have a .oct file that is almos complete.  It will be very
similar to Matlabs lp in it's synopsis.  I hope that when it is finished
it can be put in octave and replace lp_solve which still needs to be

I assume from the discussion that downsimplex means the simplex method
of Nelder and Mead?  I only ask because lp uses the simplex method
also.  But, the simplex method of Nelder-Mead is much different than the
simplex method used in Linear Programming.   Both, however, reduce the
cost(or function) at every iteration.  So, both could be correctly
called downsimplex.  I guess we just need to agree on a terminology.   

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