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database backend

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: database backend
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 17:44:28 +0100


did ever anybody have the idea or even
better the attempt or at best
already existing code using a GPL'ed object
oriented database for octave's datastorage
instead of the main memory.

The reason, why I need that is, because I have:
- ton's of data (a few GB), which
        I want to have accessible in the same
        manner like it is now, when I have everyting in core.
- I have lets say muliple versions of the same
        matrix (let's say MYmatrix) and I don't
        like the effort I have to pay for
        writing my code using naming conventions
        like MYmatrix_47322_12123, MYmatrix_47322_12124,

I would ge glad of any answer.
If someone thinks that is a good idea as well
as if someone thinks that is crap.

Thanks bye 

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