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error-octave compilation

From: Abdelkrim Azzouza
Subject: error-octave compilation
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:58:58 +0200

I tried to install gnu octave, but I got the following problems while running octave by "gmake"
In this is what I got as error-message. see text in red.
Please if you can send many any information that can be useful to solve this problem, I wil be gardeful.
P.S. To answer me don't do a reply please, just take the address bellow.

        Alcatel Bell Space / RW division.
Berkenrodelei 33                           Krimo AZZOUZA,
B-2660 Hoboken, Belgium.       Development engineer space systems.                   E-mail: address@hidden,

error message:

echo making all in liboctave
making all in liboctave
cd liboctave ; gmake all
gmake[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/octave-2.0.14/liboctave'
gmake[2]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/octave-2.0.14/liboctave'
echo making all in src
making all in src
cd src ; gmake all
gmake[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/octave-2.0.14/src'
c++  -I. -I.. -I../liboctave -I../src -I../libcruft/misc  -I../glob -I../glob
-DHAVE_CONFIG_H -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -fno-implicit-templates -g -O2 -Wall
-rdynamic \
-L..   -fPIC -g -o octave \
octave.o builtins.o  balance.o  besselj.o  betainc.o  chol.o  colloc.o  dassl.o
det.o  eig.o  expm.o  fft.o  fft2.o  filter.o  find.o  fsolve.o  gammainc.o
getgrent.o  getpwent.o  getrusage.o  givens.o  hess.o  ifft.o  ifft2.o  inv.o
log.o  lpsolve.o  lsode.o  lu.o  minmax.o  pinv.o  qr.o  quad.o  qzval.o  rand.o
 schur.o  sort.o  svd.o  syl.o  time.o \
-L../liboctave -L../libcruft -L../src -Xlinker -R -Xlinker
/usr/local/lib/octave-2.0.14 \
../src/liboctinterp.a ../liboctave/liboctave.a  ../libcruft/libcruft.a
../readline/libreadline.a ../kpathsea/libkpathsea.a ../glob/libglob.a  \
 -ll -lcurses -ldl -lsocket -lm
c++: unrecognized option `-rdynamic'
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
s_wsfe                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(xerbla.o)
z_abs                               ../libcruft/libcruft.a(zgebal.o)
s_wsfi                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(ddassl.o)
s_cmp                               ../libcruft/libcruft.a(ilaenv.o)
z_sqrt                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(zlahqr.o)
d_lg10                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(scaleg.o)
s_wsle                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(getcgn.o)
s_stop                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(i1mach.o)
do_fio                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(xerbla.o)
d_imag                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(zgebal.o)
d_cnjg                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(zgemm.o)
d_int                               ../libcruft/libcruft.a(dlgams.o)
d_mod                               ../libcruft/libcruft.a(dlgams.o)
pow_dd                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(zairy.o)
pow_di                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(scaleg.o)
i_dnnt                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(dlacon.o)
i_indx                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(xerprn.o)
i_len                               ../libcruft/libcruft.a(xstopx.o)
do_lio                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(getcgn.o)
s_cat                               ../libcruft/libcruft.a(ddassl.o)
z_div                               ../libcruft/libcruft.a(ztrsyl.o)
e_wsfe                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(xerbla.o)
e_wsfi                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(ddassl.o)
d_sign                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(zbesh.o)
e_wsle                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(getcgn.o)
s_copy                              ../libcruft/libcruft.a(ilaenv.o)
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to octave
gmake[2]: *** [octave] Error 1
gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/octave-2.0.14/src'
gmake[1]: *** [src] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/octave-2.0.14'
gmake: *** [all] Error 2


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