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Re: density plot

From: Ted Harding
Subject: Re: density plot
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 17:14:53 +0100 (BST)

On 27-Sep-99 Joao Cardoso wrote:
> use plplot_octave and plot the matrix using `shade'. plplot_octave is
> available at
> Joao

The above inspired me to try having another go at plplot, so I pulled
the above and also the latest plplot-990122.tar.gz and tried getting
it set up.

First, I can't compile plplot. Despite having tk.h in /usr/X11R6/include,
which is a path that seems to be searched in the configure file, "make"
nevertheless tells me that it can't be found. I also get "can't find
arrayobject.h so python won't work (but I don't seem to have this file at
all). Finally, "make" collapses with the message

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `stupidtk.c', needed by `stupidtk.o'.

The plplot configure file is massive, and I can't make out what to do.

If anyone out there has successfully compiled plplot and plplot_octave
for Linux (I'm using kernel 2.0.33, libc5), I'd be grateful for a bit of
private correspondence on how it might be achieved.

With thanks,

E-Mail: (Ted Harding) <address@hidden>
Date: 27-Sep-99                                       Time: 17:14:53
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