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Re: Difficulty adding a path with octaverc

From: John M. Trostel
Subject: Re: Difficulty adding a path with octaverc
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 11:53:14 -0400

---Reply to mail from John M. Trostel about Difficulty adding a path with 
John M. Trostel                     address@hidden
> I am trying to add a path to the default "LOADPATH" using the system-wide
> octaverc file(s).
> My system is linux 2.2.5 based intel running octave 2.0.14.  I have tried to
> add an additional directory into the load path so that the epstk16 m files are
> available on startup of octave.
> I placed the following:
> LOADPATH = ":/usr/local/share/octave/site/m//"
> in both
> /usr/local/share/octave/2.0.13/m/startup/octaverc
> and
> /usr/local/share/octave/site/m/startup/octaverc
> If I manually invoke this command while in octave, it changes the LOADPATH and
> all proceeds normally.  If I try to do it using octaverc, no change is 
> effected
> in the LOADPATH?
> What am I doing wrong?

Never mind... I had a mixed up version conflict with parts of both 2.0.13 and
2.0.14 present.

When I cleaned up and reinstalled, the LOADPATH comes out right by adding

LOADPATH = ":/usr/share/octave/site/m//"



(as it should...)

---End reply

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