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gnuplot problems...

From: Adam Balgach
Subject: gnuplot problems...
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 15:25:38 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,
  Ive just finished installing octave and it runs fine.  But i need
plotting support, so i downloaded "pipe-gnuplot.exe" from the ftp site and
copyed it to "\bin" (a folder on my NT box) in the path.  now when i start
up octave, i set the gnuplot_binary variable by typing in 'gnuplot_binary
= "pipe-gnuplot.exe /octave/plots"' because /octave/plots is where i was
my plots to go.  so when i try and do some plots, i get the following

gnuplot: not found
warning: broken pipe
gnuplot: not found
gnuplot: not found

error: called from '__plt__' in file....
error: called from 'polt' in file....

so i ask, why is this happening ? am i doing something wrong ? ive tried
redownloading the file with on success.  Im runnin this under winNT and
using B19 sh.exe to load up octave.  also there isnt by chance a nice GUI
interface for octave like there is for matlab is there? just wondering.

adam balgach

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