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Re: bug in a(a<3)?

From: dirk
Subject: Re: bug in a(a<3)?
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 14:42:54 +0200 (SAST)

Daniel Heiserer wrote:
> Hi it seems that I found something really strange.
> octave:1> a=rand(3)
> octave:2> a(a<3)
> octave:3> a(a<0.4))
> For me it seems that octave makes it right for 0.4 but wrong for 3.

If you look at (a<3) it comes out all ones, while (a<0.4) with a high
probability comes out with at least one zero.  Octave can in the latter
case deduce that you want to select items, but in the first case it
is ambiguous and the result depends on how you've set a certain built-in
variable (another reply to your query gives the name of the variable).
Your default setting obviously treats [1 1 1] as three copies of '1'
and not as three cases of "yes, include me."


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